LBC Talent offers Education, Promotion and Opportunity to talented children, teens & young adults seeking careers on Broadway, in Music, Film, TV, Commercials, & Voice Over.




Whether your child or teen has previous training or is natural singer, dancer and or actor without experience, we can connect you to the perfect teacher or coach for private lessons or classes in your area.  Schedule a consultation today either in person or digitally.  We guarantee progress and networking opportunities with top professionals. Contact Us.



Do you need opportunities for your child or teen to perform that are worthy of your time and money?  Do you want performance ops that can be used for both networking and promotion?  Do you need help with coordinating a clean and concise type and image? We are here to help.

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Auditions and representation are the toughest to obtain.  With representation your child or teen will be able to audition for high level performance opportunities.  Many people study for years and never learn how to obtain professional representation.  We can connect you and teach you how to position your child or teen to get an interview, nail it and get signed. Contact Us.

Train with top NYC professionals. Learn from the best in the business.

Network and connect to mentors who can make all the difference.


Who you train with whether it be for private instruction or classes is extremely important.  A solid foundation is key however talented students learn quickly and spending time with top instructors grows their ability at a much faster rate.  We can help find the right teacher at the right time for you or your child to grow talent exponentially. 

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Position your child or teen to be successful.  Give them the chance to gain experience and credits that will be palatable to agents and top managers.  


Create performance opportunities that are worthwhile to your goals. Choose wisely which events, showcases and performances are most important. 

Do I need professional headshots? Promotional photos? How do I put together a resume that is appropriate for a child or teen who is just starting? Do I need these now?

Determine if, when and how social media will be useful; where, when and what to post.  Is a website and or youtube channel a necessity now or in the future?

Where to begin and when to start.  We can answer all your questions. 

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LBC Talent offers 6 hour seminars that teach the details of how to get started and successfully navigate the industry for yourself or for your talented child or teen. Educate yourself to be able to walk the walk and talk the talk. We teach you how to submit yourself for auditions, how to handle the audition process, what to do regarding school, permits, contracts and more.  Perfect for college graduates as well. For information and to register for the next seminar near you, contact us. 



We can teach you how to safely submit yourself or your child or teen directly to casting for auditions for Stage, Film, TV, Commercials and Voice Over.  We teach how avoid scams.  You will use the same data bases as the top managers, agents and casting offices.  You control what projects you submit for based on your schedule and ability to attend. Contact Us.



Professional representation is the toughest to obtain.  It is extremely difficult to get into an office for an interview. We can teach you what to do to get your child or teen on the road to obtaining representation with a reputable manager or agent.  We open doors for our clients. Contact Us.