“We are a consulting company offering detailed information honestly not many will share, on how to get started and successfully navigate a career in the performing arts. We also manage talent.

I have been obsessed over the course of time about why the performance industry is such a closed-door industry with no real information available to the average person. The idea of trying to 'break into' the business is thwarted by most parents and adults throughout the United States and abroad, honestly due to lack of available honest and true information.

Of those who are in the business whether just starting or successfully navigating a career, many remain confused and travel blindly. Much of which breeds a sense of fear and subsequent ownership of what knowledge and understanding they have, creating the need to keep information close to the chest.

As a professional entrepreneur and a parent of three children, one of whom dabbled at a young age and the other two who successfully worked in many aspects of the child, teen and now are in the adult professional performance industry, (Thank you, Claire at Gilla Roos, NYC and Shirley, Dave, and Laura of Shirley Grant Management for the early years) I have vowed to change that mantra.”

Leesa Csolak, Owner